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Unlock High Performance Business AI to Identify Risk

Key stakeholders, such as investors, creditors, shareholders, and board members, place significant importance on the effectiveness of existing internal controls to protect the businesses interests. The COSO framework is the most widely used framework for internal controls and MindBridge delivers impactful transaction risk insights that immediately help finance professionals, auditors, and internal controls teams strengthen

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Can AI unlock value for your internal audit team? Take our 7-point assessment

In today’s fast-changing business environment, the critical need for internal audit and finance teams to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) for enhanced audit and finance transaction risk analytics is more pressing than ever. But how can you be sure your team is ready to leverage AI to its fullest extent? MindBridge’s comprehensive 7-point AI-readiness assessment is

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AI-Powered Company Card Risk Discovery with MindBridge Analytics

MindBridge AI™ Company Card Risk Analytics helps safeguard the company’s credit program, build employee trust, and improve controls and compliance. By identifying risk scores and providing detailed information, MindBridge AI helps audit, and finance professionals quickly see and understand why certain card transactions have been flagged.

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AI-Powered Payroll Risk Discovery with MindBridge Analytics

MindBridge AI™ Payroll Risk Analytics helps Finance, Human Resources, Audit, and Compliance professionals with AI-powered risk assessment of every pay detail, along with valuable insights into emerging issues such as staffing movements. Implementing the MindBridge AI platform with Payroll Risk Analytics delivers an automated detective control framework.

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AI-Powered Revenue Risk Discovery with MindBridge Analytics

MindBridge AI™ Revenue Risk Analytics delivers a transformational solution to assess risks within financial operations. Harnessing the power of the MindBridge AI platform, the product uses advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to target potential anomalies, errors, and risks in an efficiently focused manner, bolstering trust in financial operations.

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AI-Powered Vendor Invoice Risk Discovery with MindBridge Analytics

Expanding supply chains, growing business requirements and services, and older systems of record make it hard to manage risks and keep track of invoice activity. The result is an increase in the overall risk of non-compliance and fraud in managing invoices and their payments across the organization. This leads to new challenges with business workflows

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