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AccountingWEB: Are You Ready for AI-based Audit?

A wide range of claims and news can be found online, from the technology “not being ready” to vendors declaring that AI is already within their tools. Ultimately, firms must decide when to invest in AI, or rather, which AI-enabled tool provides the best return on investment. Read more

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Journal of Accountancy: How we successfully implemented AI in audit

Garbelman Winslow CPAs is evidence that you don’t have to be a large firm to have big aspirations with cutting-edge technology. The Upper Marlboro, Md.-based practice, which has a total of six CPAs and 15 employees, is using artificial intelligence (AI) to identify high-risk transactions as part of its auditing process. Here’s what the firm

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AccountingWEB: How Real Firms are Using AI for Audit

In his book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, states that a shift will occur when 30 percent of corporate audits will be conducted by AI, which 75 percent of people surveyed expected to happen by the year 2025. It’s already underway, with the Big Four

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CPA Trendlines: A.I. vs. Auditors

The internet and cloud technologies transformed the workplace. Similarly, AI will refine, reshape and even replace many of the tasks we do every day. Till now, technology transformations mostly made tasks faster or easier. AI is going to be different. Let us understand how AI can be effectively deployed for the accounting workforce. It is

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AccountingWEB: Demystifying Artificial Intelligence for Audit Part 2

It’s hard to read the news or scan social media without some mention of artificial intelligence (AI). It’s all around us and already affecting many aspects of business and our daily lives. From voice assistants on mobile phones to self-driving cars, AI plays a vital and evolving role in how we understand and interact with

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