MindBridge named in Gartner Autonomous Accounting Hype Cycle
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The world’s leading risk discovery platform

Take control of your risk assessments. No coding knowledge required.

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Quick views and dashboards

With MindBridge, the data speaks for itself. You can focus on risky or unusual transactions, explore data trends, and study risk characteristics. Whether you use MindBridge as an early warning system, a last line of defense, or a means to ask more relevant questions, you’ll be able to deliver more value to your clients.

Out-of-the-box analysis

You gain a deeper understanding of your clients’ financials through the use of our AI platform. MindBridge analyzes your client’s entire data set and displays a summary of possible risks for your team to review and act on.

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Extract. Transform. Load. Analyze.

Import data from your ERP into MindBridge, and discover visualized results and trends.

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Data-driven audit planning: The key to driving efficiency

Standardize and manage the use of AI across your firm

Centrally configure and adapt the platform to support your audit processes for each specific market. This ensures the consistent use of the MindBridge platform, no matter where you’re based.

Manage projects end-to-end

Get up and running today, grow for tomorrow

Our adoption process helps you move from the initial onboarding stages through to company-wide adoption and beyond. At every step, our team will be on hand to share knowledge and offer guidance on how to reach your objectives faster and get the most value from your investment in our platform.

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With MindBridge, you’re never alone

Our support doesn’t stop at the first engagement. From mapping out the right action plan to building data and communication strategies, you can count on our team to help you drive buy-in and speed up adoption firm-wide.


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