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On Demand Webinars

Grab yourself a beverage and a comfy seat, and join us to learn about the latest in auditing, financial analysis, artificial intelligence and technology trends.

Unveiling the MindBridge Ai Auditor May 2019 release

The MindBridge Ai Auditor platform has been redefining reasonable assurance in audit, by providing the only analysis that leverages machine learning and AI to analyze 100% of your client data, including the monetary flows between accounts, to precisely identify areas of risk for you to investigate.

Join us for a recap of the primary features of Ai Auditor, while emphasizing what is new in our May release.

  43:41       7/6/2019

3 steps towards AI-enhanced audit by 2020

Join John Colthart, General Manager, Audit and Assurance & V.P. Product Management, for an in-depth walk through of how AI for audit works and a month-by-month breakdown of how to deploy Ai Auditor into your firm before the 2020 busy season.

  61:42       17/4/2019

Application of AI to government audits and financial management

Governments are struggling to cope with the financial data explosion. Traditional financial management and audit approaches are no longer adequate for reviewing increasingly complex data. The risk of undetected anomalies, fraud, errors, and omissions are greater than even before.

Join John Craig, Director of Government Sales, for an in-depth walk through of how AI can apply to your government audit and financial management needs.

  50:44       19/6/2019

Fireside chat: Redefining reasonable assurance with AI in audit

While there is a lot of buzz surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) in audit right now, some forward-thinking firms have already been using it for some time. Join us as our General Manager of Audit and Assurance, John Colthart, chats with Tyler Crawford, Audit Manager at BMSS about using technology to raise the bar on reasonable assurance.

  36:35       28/2/2019

Top 3 ways AI helps you survive busy season

Join John Colthart, VP Growth & General Manager, Audit and Assurance, for an in-depth walkthrough of how MindBridge Ai Auditor performs the heavy lifting during the audit process to free up staff and reduce frustration and burnout.

  30:57       22/1/2019

Demystifying AI and the impact on auditing

Learn how AI is helping of a number of professions, including auditors, deal with a changing landscape. See how the MindBridge Ai Auditor platform leverages AI to provide faster, more highly assured audits than ever before.

  37:27       14/5/2018

How AI is Disrupting Audit and Introduction to Ai Auditor

Learn about the history of AI and why it is emerging now and how AI is currently disrupting audit, followed by a demonstration of the Ai Auditor platform.

  45:45       30/4/2018

Turbocharge your Year end Audits with AI

The end of the year is hectic, but preparing for your audit process pays huge dividends. Learn how to leverage AI to save time and provide greater assurance.

  53:03       23/1/2018