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Welcoming the next generation of fraud prevention in local government


Five new audit procedures leveraging MindBridge in 2021


Future of audit: 5 accountants speak on transforming assertion-based testing

Now is the most challenging time in history for auditors to conduct an effective audit. With increasing opportunities for fraud, new challenges presented by COVID-19, and stricter public scrutiny, it’s time to rethink the framework for how material misstatements are judged.


Data-driven audit planning: The key to driving efficiency

Chances are, your firm has a standard approach to audit planning. And yet, despite proven and time-honored results, auditors are still tripped up on the unexpected: Surprises in the balance sheet, missed variances, insufficient data to ask meaningful questions of management, and more. How can auditors embrace AI and data analytics to improve audit planning?


How municipalities use AI to reduce the risk of procurement fraud

With new funding programs, infrastructure activities, and uncertainty in a COVID-19 environment, staff within procurement and project management divisions are faced with unprecedented incentives to influence activities or leverage systems to make financial gains or cause loss. This challenges municipal governments to find new ways to identify and reduce the risk of procurement fraud.

Interim audits: A stepping stone towards continuous audit

With audit season approaching fast, and business survival on everyone’s minds, more firms are leveraging interim audits to develop an earlier understanding of client risk. Through the use of interim audits, and taking steps towards continuous audit, you can better plan work, staffing, and budgets, while also offering value to the client earlier in the engagement.

How AI adds value to your not-for-profit audits

With June 30th approaching fast, and assumptions about our financial landscape changing daily, how can firms use MindBridge Ai Auditor most effectively for their Not-For-Profit clients?
Watch an in-depth walkthrough of key Ai Auditor features that add new value for your NFP clients. The focus will be on mapping today’s business challenges to practical tips on how to use AI for analysis and reporting.

Using AI to assess financial risk in times of crisis

With the thought of revenue losses, recession, and business survival on everyone’s minds, audit practices and finance organizations are redefining how they assess financial risk. By using the power of artificial intelligence and data analytics, we can improve our understanding of where risk occurs in the business and use financial data to identify critical trends in revenue and expenditures.

How can your firm use AI to navigate financial crisis?


5 ways AI empowers finance leaders of the future

Learn how artificial intelligence is transforming enterprise risk management into a future-focused function that puts data first. Structured around the record to report process, you will see real examples of how AI-based adaptive anomaly detection accelerates risk identification, eliminates number crunching, and helps your finance team address the right risks.


How to grow value by taking a people-focused approach to data

The firm of the future is here, with a growing number of audit practices using technology to deliver innovative ways to leverage client data. In an increasingly data-driven world, firms need to understand and adapt to changing technologies and embrace the skills necessary to turn client data into offerings such as predictive analytics, KPI dashboards, and advisory services.

How can your firm take advantage of data analytics now?


Change management 101: Strategies for leading change when adopting AI

From strategic vision and skills development to individual incentives, effective change in audit practices is as much about the people as it is the technology stack. Do you have the culture today to succeed with AI moving forward? Watch this research-based walkthrough of how business leaders implement complex change within their firms, and using data analytics now.


Accounting roundtable: How we used AI to grow advisory services

Watch our industry panel of CPAs that have gone through the diligence and deployment of AI-based solutions to offer new advisory services to clients. From initial vendor research to launching their first AI-enhanced service, these industry leaders will discuss the successes and challenges with adopting new technology and offer recommendations for other firms to get ahead of the curve.


How to grow your advisory services using AI

Firms around the world and seeking their best path towards the firm of the future. Whether that’s providing more insights into the client’s potential risks or expanding coverage beyond regulated rules and GAAP measures, the future-ready firm must make strategic choices now to evolve their advisory and transaction services before their competition. Watch this guided walkthrough of how AI supports advisory services and what your firm can do to get there.