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There are tons of new ways to leverage MindBridge in your financial audit. Our auditors have been hard at work developing new procedures for you to carry out using MindBridge’s unique mix of risk scoring, filtering and visualization.

Learn how using artificial intelligence gives auditors a better understanding of what’s happened, impressing the client and ensuring that your firm is aware when one of those messy, budget-blowing problems is heading your way.

Join Stuart Cobbe and Michael Bottala for an auditor’s view on how this new way of doing audit will ensure engagement teams are performing the most effective audit possible by:

1. Identifying significant classes of transactions

2. Performance analysis, across business segments & key accounts

3. Assess assertion level risks for each account

4. Digging into red flags and developing an early warning system

5. Risk ranked transaction review, such as for repairs and maintenance

This webinar includes demonstrations and a Q&A session to answer your questions. You will walk away with a good understanding of the 2020 improvements to MindBridge Ai Auditor and how these improvements enable a better integration of MindBridge into your financial audits.

Stuart helps finance professionals embrace data-driven decision making through AI. He believes that exploring the ways that machine learning and data analysis can lead to assurance. He supports cultivating the right set of skills so that auditors can offer more.Michael is the western sales representative and resident CPA for MindBridge based out of Los Angeles, California. After earning his bachelor’s and master’s in Accounting, Michael spent 4 years in public accounting before making the switch to MindBridge. Michael joined MindBridge with the goal of educating and leading accounting firms into the future by helping them implement new technologies such as artificial intelligence.