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Getting ready for your year-end audit; using AI to catch and resolve issues early

December 15, 2022
1:00 PM (EST)

Danielle Supkis-Cheek

VP of Strategy & Industry Relations MindBridge

Michael Bottala

Director of Strategic Insights MindBridge

Danielle Supkis-Cheek

VP of Strategy & Industry Relations

Michael Bottala

Director of Strategic Insights

Next-gen technology for increased financial oversight.

There is an increasing wave of transparency expectations and added personal liability within organizations. On top of these capital market expectations, there has been increased oversight of auditors providing assurance over your financial statements. This webinar will cover how organizations can use AI to identify the unknown-unknowns within your entire ledger by surfacing issues early, ultimately making better use of staff time and giving leadership the feedback they need to comfortably sign on the financials.

This webinar will focus on:

  • Why the current financial climate will require effective use of AI to reduce risk and increase transparency.
  • The importance of creating stronger oversight for the CFO and Controller prior to sign off of financial statements.
  • How to help staff improve efficiencies in your year-end processes and take internal controls credit for anomaly detection.

Join this webinar and come away with a better understanding of how advanced analytics can identify and resolve unknown year-end issues quickly, helping reduce risk and errors before your audit.