Slice and dice with ensemble AI: segment and disaggregated revenue analytics

Michael Bottala

Director, Strategic Insights MindBridge

Michael Bottala

Director, Strategic Insights

Add focus to business segments and revenue drivers.

Many factors must be considered when evaluating financial data. With pressure on businesses to do more with less, financial professionals must consider advanced technologies to help mitigate risk across the volumes of financial data.  

Segment analysis augments the financial professional’s ability to understand and identify areas of the business that pose greater risk and complexity.  Breaking down these segments supports an emphasis on high-value tasks due to an increased focus on anomalous or unusual events within the business segments. 

Further, the disaggregation of revenue into categories assists financial professionals in understanding the nature of the entity’s revenue and where it was derived. This can be related to types of goods or services, geographical region, sales channels, and more. The understanding of these categories is important to create transparency; however, the financial professional should also understand the impact of how anomalies in the transactional detail impact these particular areas.

This webinar will focus on:

  • Building a deeper understanding of the business using segment analysis
  • The impact of anomalous or unusual activity in the business
  • How anomaly detection adds focus to segment analysis and disaggregated revenue

At the completion of this session, attendees have a better understanding of how anomaly detection can help improve segment and disaggregated revenue analysis.

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Slice and dice with ensemble AI: segment and disaggregated revenue analytics

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