MindBridge named in Gartner Autonomous Accounting Hype Cycle
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What's new in MindBridge

Our first major release of 2021 enables a smoother integration of MindBridge into your audit methodology, unlocks review engagements, introduces a direct connector for Xero, and GDPdU file support for our German customers.r 

Smoother integration with my audit methodology
Man using MindBridge for review engagements in an office
Can I use MindBridge for my review engagements?

Smoother integration with audit methodologies

An integrated workflow and user experience will help implement MindBridge into audit methodologies and procedures faster and with ease. 

Paired with your judgement, you will be able to filter by materiality, allowing you to scope your accounts on that basis and access automatically generated account-level reporting to capture your insights and findings.

Your benefits:

  • Accelerate the performance of preliminary planning and final analytics
  • Aggregate all pertinent information for scoped-in accounts
  • Control which MindBridge capabilities are exposed to your team
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MindBridge for review engagements

We continue to expand the applicability of MindBridge across audit and assurance services. With this release, customers can extend usage of MindBridge beyond traditional audit engagements and can switch off audit-specific features when performing review engagements.

Now, you can create unique profiles for review engagements, ensuring that presented insights align with your methodology and documentation requirements.

Your benefits:

  • Spend more time analyzing information and less time building workpapers
  • Use data to enhance understanding of overall company performance
  • Quickly identify unusual circumstances or trends for more precise inquiries
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Xero direct connector (beta)

Xero connector screenshot

We continue to add direct connectors to our list of supported ERP and accounting systems. With this release we added  Xero to the group of supported connectors.

Customizable templated reporting

Generate new summary reporting populated with relevant analytics and visuals from across the platform to standardize and automate the presentation of your audit evidence.

New data visualizations

Understand how ledger activity flows through financial statement accounts, and access comprehensive visuals to unpack key drivers behind risk scoring.

Support for GDPdU file format

As part of our commitment to support our growing German customer base, we have built first-class support for the GDPdU file format. Our German customers can now upload a file in the national GDPdU format without needing to manipulate it outside of the application. 

Usability enhancements

  • You can now import files from the File Locker into your analysis
  • The Field Work Start Date field on the engagement creation form is now optional
  • NFP and NFP with fund libraries now support interim analysis
  • We have streamlined the annotations experience on Financial Statements