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AI and technology

The need to prioritize integrity in developing AI applications

The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled applications have the potential for societal disruption, especially with the advent of generative AI (GAI) tools. There is a growing concern about the sophisticated use of GAI to create deepfake videos, images, audios and text that manipulates and/or fabricates content. Such use of GAI can spread misinformation, deceive individuals

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Explore key considerations for using AI in finance with a focus on data security and privacy. Learn how MindBridge AI navigates data privacy challenges and enhances ROI through innovative AI applications.

Key considerations for AI in finance: Data security & privacy 

As finance professionals, it is an important part of our mandate to deploy technology to constantly drive quality, speed, and impact of what we do. At the same time, we must take a sober look at what technology can deliver. ROI, time-to-value and risk mitigations need to be quantifiable and convincing. AI is no exception. 

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AI and technology

The state of AI in the Office of the CFO

Upon its launch in 2022, ChatGPT single-handedly took “AI” from a futuristic concept to reality – and to the top of the agenda for many finance professionals. For the first time in a long time, there is the promise of transformational technology in the finance department.  There is only one crucial issue: ChatGPT and its

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MindBridge CEO Stephen DeWitt at IIA GAM

Leading the future of audit

A message from MindBridge CEO Stephen DeWitt I’ve been a perpetual entrepreneur my entire career. 40 years now. I have worked with brilliant technologists at moments of fundamental change. Now, just a few weeks into my tenure as CEO at MindBridge, I’m set to attend my first major event with the team: IIA GAM Conference,

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